North American Free Trade: Issues and Recommendations

by Jeffrey J. Schott and Gary Clyde Hufbauer
April 1992
Book Description

This book has been the most widely cited analysis of the issues underlying the NAFTA negotiations. Many of its recommendations helped shape the negotiations. For those seeking in-depth analysis of the key issues involved in the negotiations, this book is an ideal companion to the authors' NAFTA: An Assessment, which evaluates the final agreement.The first part of the study surveys US, Mexican, and Canadiannegotiating objectives. Part two examines the implications of NAFTA for trade, investment, and employment; labor and environmental concerns that arise because of Mexico's lower level of economic development; and the cross-cutting issues of rules of origin and intellectual property. Part three analyzes the energy, auto,steel, textile, agricultural, and financial services issues that werea major focus of the negotiations. Part four gives the authors' recommendations for making the agreement a "win-win-win" propositionfor all three countries and to strengthen the open world tradingsystem.

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April 1992
ISBN paper 0-88132-120-6
369 pp.

Commentaries on This Book

"An essential acquisition for any academic library collection on US and North American economic policy studies."

Choice 1993 Outstanding Book List

"This very comprehensive study serves as an excellent handbook for the ... negotiations."

Foreign Affairs

"... packed with useful information about North American economics ... You'd better buy this book ..."

Edward E. Leamer
Journal of Economic Literature

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