Reengaging Egypt: Options for US-Egypt Economic Relations

Policy Analyses in International Economics 90
by Barbara Kotschwar and Jeffrey J. Schott
January 2010
Book Description

The success of the United States' Middle East strategy depends importantly on the future course of US-Egypt economic relations. Deepening bilateral commercial and investment ties can pay both commercial and political dividends as the Obama administration refocuses US strategy in the Middle East. While the United States and Egypt have long been close partners, revitalizing US-Egypt economic relations will spur innovation and productivity gains, open new development opportunities in Egypt through expanded trade and investment, and create important precedents for future regional initiatives. In this study, the authors first assess the two countries' current commercial relationship and then provide concrete suggestions for enhancing and expanding specific areas of the US-Egypt economic relationship, such as market access, services, trade facilitation and development cooperation. Ultimately, the study sets out several promising avenues for strengthening economic ties.

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1. Introduction [pdf]

2. Current State of Trade and Investment Relations

3. Moving Forward: Options to Enhance Economic Relations

4. Summing Up



Timeline of Key Events in US-Egypt Economic Relations


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January 2010
ISBN paper 978-088132-439-6
128 pp.

Interview with Barbara Kotschwar

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