China's Rise: Challenges and Opportunities (hardcover)

by C. Fred Bergsten and Charles Freeman and Nicholas R. Lardy and Derek J. Mitchell
September 2008
Book Description

China has emerged as an economic powerhouse (projected to have the largest economy in the world in a little over a decade) and is taking an ever-increasing role on the world stage. China’s Rise: Challenges and Opportunities will help the United States and the rest of the world better comprehend the facts and dynamics underpinning China’s rise—an understanding that becomes more and more important with each passing day. Additionally, the authors suggest actions both China and the United States can take that will not only maximize the opportunities for China’s constructive integration into the international community but also help form a domestic consensus that will provide a stable foundation for such policies. Filled with facts for policymakers, this much anticipated book’s narrative-driven, accessible style will appeal to the general reader. This book is unique in that it analyzes the authoritative data on China’s economy, foreign and domestic policy, and national security.

The expert judgments in this book paint a picture of a China confronting domestic challenges that are in many ways side effects of its economic successes, while simultaneously trying to take advantage of the foreign policy benefits of those same successes. China’s Rise: Challenges and Opportunities from The China Balance Sheet Project, a joint, multiyear project of the Center for Strategic and International Studies and the Peterson Institute, discusses China’s military modernization, China’s increasing soft power influence in Asia and around the world, China’s policy toward Taiwan, domestic political development, Beijing’s political relations with China’s provincial and municipal authorities, corruption and social unrest, rebalancing China’s economic growth, the exchange rate controversy, energy and the environment, industrial policy, trade disputes, and investment issues.

This book is part of the CSIS-IIE China Balance Sheet project. For more information about this project, please visit


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Chronology of Main Events


1. China's Challenge to the Global Economic Order

2. China Debates Its Future

3. Democracy with Chinese Characteristics? Political Reform and the Future of the Chinese Communist Party

4. Center-Local Relations: Hu's in Charge Here?

5. Corruption in China: Crisis or Constant?

6. Sustaining Economic Growth in China [pdf]

7. Energy Implications of China's Growth

8. Why Does the United States Care about Taiwan?

9. China's Military Modernization

10. China and the World

11. Conclusion [pdf]


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September 2008
ISBN Hardcover 978-0-88132-417-4
288 pp.

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Commentaries on This Book

"This is the best single book on China, and I use it to prepare for all my trips to that country."

Zbigniew Brzezinski, former US National Security Advisor

". . . designed to clarify contemporary China and advise how U.S. 'engagement' with China may best move ahead. There's lots here, but clearly presented, with a great chronology."

Library Journal

"There is no better place to find a compact overview of recent developments in China, through mid-2008, both with respect to economic developments and with respect to China's foreign and national security policy."

Foreign Affairs

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