Working Papers: Volume II

by Peterson Institute for International Economics
April 2007
Book Description

Perhaps the most popular of all Institute products, selected Working Papers are now available in a print format. These papers contain the preliminary results of ongoing Institute research. The book covers a wide range of topics including offshoring, central banks, Eurasian growth, Europe, and international reserves. Included in the book are papers by Edwin M. Truman, Adam Posen, J. Bradford Jensen, Anders Åslund, C. Randall Henning, and Jacob Kirkegaard. Volume II contains papers from 2006. Future volumes will be published on a semi-regular schedule as material is available.

See also Working Papers: Volume I



1. Why Central Banks Should Not Burst Bubbles
Adam S. Posen

2. The Case of an International Reserve Diversification Standard
Edwin M. Truman and Anna Wong

3. Offshoring in Europe—Evidence of a Two-Way Street from Denmark
Peter D. Ørberg Jensen, Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, and Nicolai Søndergaard Laugesen

4. The External Policy of the Euro Area: Organizing for Foreign Exchange Intervention
C. Randall Henning

5. The Eurasian Growth Paradox
Anders Åslund and Nazgul Jenish

6. Has EMU Had Any Impact on the Degree of Wage Restraint?
Adam S. Posen and Daniel Popov Gould

7. Firm Structure, Multinationals, and Manufacturing Plant Deaths
Andrew B. Bernard and J. Bradford Jensen

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April 2007
ISBN paper 978-0-88132-404-4
250 pp.

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