Greening the GATT: Trade, Environment, and the Future

by Daniel C. Esty
June 1994
Book Description

There is growing consensus that new international rules and principles are needed to reconcile conflicts, and promote complementarities, between trade and environmental goals. The issue is especially acute for very poor countries striving for rapid economic growth. Esty, a former Environmental Protection Agency official with extensive experience in trade and environmental negotiations, examines the vital connections between trade, environment and development. He argues that current international trade rules and institutions must be significantly reformed to address environmental concerns while still promoting economic growth and development. Esty offers new international rules and principles to help make trade and environmental policies work together to better achieve sustainable economic progress. He concludes with recommendations for a Global Environmental Organization (GEO) to promote simultaneous achievement of trade environmental goals.

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Book Data

June 1994
ISBN paper 0-88132-205-9
319 pp.

Commentaries on This Book

"... concise, highly readable, well-reasoned analysis ..."

William K. Reilly
former Administrator
Environmental Protection Agency

"Daniel Esty lucidly explores among the most pressing policy arenas confounding the world community. Whatever one's perspective on the environment, the book makes for fascinating reading."

Michael E. Porter
Harvard Business School

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