C. Fred Bergsten and the World Economy

edited by Michael Mussa
December 2006
Book Description

This engaging and informative book covers the range of issues on which C. Fred Bergsten and the Peterson Institute have distinguished themselves over the last 25 years, including trade liberalization, exchange rate regimes, international financial architecture, debt, economic sanctions and the impact of technology and globalization. Most of the Institute's senior research staff have contributed chapters, which are both retrospective and prescriptive.

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1. C. Fred Bergsten: Intellectual Entrepreneur [pdf]
Michael Mussa

2. Constant Ends, Flexible Means: C. Fred Bergsten and the Quest for Open Trade
I. M. Destler and Marcus Noland

3. Trade Policy at the Institute: 25 Years and Counting
Gary Clyde Hufbauer and Jeffrey J. Schott

4. Economic Sanctions and Threats in Foreign and Commercial Policy
Kimberly Ann Elliott

5. Trade Adjustment Assistance: The More We Change the More It Stays the Same
Howard Rosen

6. Fred Bergsten as an Early Architect of an International Regime for Foreign Direct Investment [pdf]
Edward M. Graham

7. The International Monetary System in the Work of the Institute
Morris Goldstein

8. Fred Bergsten and the Institute's Work on Exchange Rate Regimes
John Williamson

9. What Can Exchange Rates Tell Us? [pdf]
Edwin M. Truman

10. Competitiveness and the Assessment of Trade Performance
Martin Neil Baily and Robert Z. Lawrence

11. International Debt: The Past Quarter Century and Future Prospects
William R. Cline

12. Follow the Money [pdf]
Michael Mussa

13. The IMF as Global Umpire for Exchange Rate Policies
Morris Goldstein

14. Institutional Strategy for the Global Economy
C. Randall Henning

15. Wanted: More Effective Public Communication in Empirical International Economics
J. David Richardson

Appendix A  Publications of C. Fred Bergsten


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December 2006
ISBN paper 978-0-88132-397-9
424 pp.

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