A US-Middle East Trade Agreement:
A Circle of Opportunity?

Policy Analyses in International Economics 81
by Robert Z. Lawrence
November 2006
Book Description

Would a free trade agreement (FTA) between the nations of the Middle East and the United States be beneficial to both sides? Robert Lawrence provides an analysis that incorporates both economic and political considerations. He documents the scope for enhancing the trade linkages, domestic governance and regional trade of Arab countries. He evaluates the US strategy in negotiating bilateral agreements and reviews in considerable detail the specific agreements that have been negotiated so far and the challenges still to meet if a single overarching arrangement is to be implemented. Lawrence also compares the US approach with the parallel initiative being undertaken by the European Union.

Selected chapters and sections are provided for preview only.



1. Introduction [pdf]

2. The State of Arab Economies: Global Engagement, Reforms, and Regional Trade Agreements

3. US Agreements: Building Blocks or Stumbling Blocks? [pdf]

4. European Agreements: Models or Obstacles?

5. Economic Impact



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November 2006
ISBN paper 0-88132-396-9

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