Sustaining the Asia Pacific Miracle: Environmental Protection and Economic Integration

by André Dua and Daniel C. Esty
October 1997
Book Description

Asia Pacific countries have experienced extraordinary economic growth in recent years. But the region also suffers from choking air pollution, fouled water, ravaged forests, depleted fisheries, and other environmental problems.Eager to promote further growth, governments in the region have embarked on an ambitious program of economic integration through the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum. In this volume, Dua and Esty argue that APEC's trade and investment liberalization can be compatible with environmental protection. They stress, moreover, that true prosperity and the APEC vision of a "community of Asia Pacific economies" cannot be achieved without attention to public health and ecological threats, resource management issues, and tensions at the economy-environment interface. The authors identify the issues that must be dealt with internationally and propose an ambitious environmental action agenda for APEC that would play an important role in that strategy.




1. Introduction 199.8KB

2. APEC's Economic Performance 270.1KB

3. Environmental Problems Confronting APEC's Members 371.0KB

4. Underlying Causes of Environmental Harms Facing APEC 283.2KB

5. Tension at the Economy-Environment Interface 204.2KB

6. Why APEC Must Act 267.6KB

7. Toward Optimal Environmental Governance 237.3KB

8. APEC's Existing Environmental Efforts 198.3KB

9. An APEC Environmental Agenda 272.2KB

Appendix 126.9KB



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Book Data

October 1997
ISBN paper 0-88132-250-4
232 pp.

Commentaries on This Book

"... tightly reasoned, clearly stated, immensely persuasive—and it is easy to find the implications for trade and environment issues worldwide."

Frank Loy
League of Conservation Voters

"... a challenging, important, and well-argued case for APEC giving a central place to environmental issues."

Ross Garnaut
Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies
Australian National University

"... a major input into the debate on the sustainability of economic development and integration in the Asia Pacific. Both free traders and environmentalists will benefit from studying this timely book."

Kym Anderson
Centre for
Economic Studies
University of Adelaide

"This work is policy analysis at its best, and will undoubtedly have an important influence on economic policy potentially affecting billions of people."

John Jackson
Georgetown Law School

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