Can Labor Standards Improve Under Globalization?

by Kimberly Ann Elliott and Richard B. Freeman
June 2003
Book Description

Protesters now routinely fill the streets when any large, formal meeting dealing with international economic issues takes place. They express concern about the potential social and environmental costs of globalization and want negotiators to address these issues in trade agreements and international organizations. In addition, the debate over whether and how to link labor standards to trade has led to an impasse in American trade policy for much of the past decade and has tied the hands of US trade negotiators. Proposals to "let the market do it" or "let the International Labor Organization (ILO) do it" abound, but it is less common to find any serious analysis of just how activists can galvanize consumers to demand that corporations raise labor standards in their global operations or how the ILO can become more effective.In this study, Elliott and Freeman move beyond the debate on the relative merits and risks of a social clause in trade agreements and focus on practical approaches for improving labor standards in a more integrated global economy. The authors examine both what is being done in these areas and what more needs to be done to ensure that steady and tangible progress toward universal respect for core labor standards is made. While concluding that the ILO should have primary responsibility for labor standards, the book also suggests that the WTO should consider how to address egregious and willful violations of core labor standards if they are trade related.





1. Economic Globalization Versus Labor Standards 115.1KB

2. The Market for Labor Standards 138.8KB

3. Vigilantes and Verifiers 147.5KB

4. Labor Standards and Trade Agreements 123.2KB

5. The ILO to the Rescue? 109.4KB

6. Globalization and Labor Standards in Action 107.2KB

7. When Does Doing Good Do Good? 93.4KB

Appendix A-C 147.1KB



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June 2003
ISBN paper 978-0-88132-332-0
200 pp.

Commentaries on This Book

" . . . an interesting and useful book. Elliott and Freeman provide thorughtful and thorough analyses of the arguments in the debate over labor standards."

Journal of Economic Issues

"The book is readable and informative."


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